About me - Stefan Hargus Photography

Stefan Hargus

A long time ago my dad gave me my first camera, and until now I never stopped taking pictures. My first camera was an AGFA-Click, later an older SLR Praktika was handed down to me.
Getting more serious about photography, I bought a Minolta XE5, a nice good quality camera, which spend a year with me in California.
Getting even more serious about photography I “needed” to have a Pro-like camera which turned out to be a Nikon FM2, then sold/traded my Minolta for a second Nikon-body and stayed with the brand since then.
A lot of cameras were added, mainly older ones, rarely used, but nice to hold and look at.
Does it matter what camera I use? I don't think so.The picture at the end is all what counts.
The best camera is the one you have with you.